One day. I Wish Sega Rally Championship could be a major selling franchise for everyone, including bronies like me. I Want to reboot Sega Rally Equestria Girls style, and this is so that Hasbro has a worthy competitor to Hot Wheels(With Action Figures). And then Sega and i should work on a video game. Video Games and Toys will be the main campaign, rather than a tv series. It will not be like Skylanders in any way, though some cars will have special codes to unlock cars in the game. In the game, you can explore Canterlot Town and it's cafes, used car dealerships, houses, and the junkyard, Discord's Auto Salvage, in this junkyard. Discord is a nice human who is trying to build a car out of multiple parts, and you can collect parts for him, earning discounts in the progress for cars in his junkyard(Like in Forza Horizon). You can enter and exit your own car, and walk around the town. Cars looks will be persistent(Not procedural), but stats will be procedurally generated into an infinite amount of combinations. Liveries will be procedurally generated with over 400 Designs. And you can customize your car like in Forza by clearing the livery, And you can design your own Talent Patch(Equestria Girls version of a Cutie Mark. Through a Forza like layer editor or pre-made). You can create your own character and his or her racing suit changes depending on livery. You can also earn over 125(Fictional) Sponsors. You can play as Martini Pie and unlock the main six, and there is also a racing main six. Here are their names:

Dusk Shine(Parallel male version of Twilight Sparkle and based on Fan works).

Martini Pie(Brother of Pinkie Pie).

Apple Blaze(Cousin of Applejack).

Assertive Guy(Parallel male version of Fluttershy).

Red Dash(Rainbow Dash's Brother).

Elusive(Rarity's Brother, and also based on Fan works).

Remakes of all the original 1995 Sega Rally Tracks will be present, and sequels will be made based on popularity.

Age Rating.


Pegi 7+

For Alcohol References and Mild Language.

I Hope the series will sell over £200 Million($326 Million) Worth of merchandise and over 10 Million copies of the game. Actors from the TV Series will also be present, and the original 1995 soundtrack is also in the game.

P.S: Garble will have a cameo as a bulldog!!!

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