• Percydercymercy2

    Second Phase

    December 15, 2013 by Percydercymercy2

    For the Second Phase, I Will cross it over with F-Zero, and Sega, Hasbro and Nintendo will have a massive union to create the game. Which will have an infinite amount of vehicles and it will be about a battle of teams and used car dealerships.

    Or it will be an intergalactic rally championship. To be honest, i want it to be a wipeout sequel.

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  • Percydercymercy2

    My Plan

    December 6, 2013 by Percydercymercy2

    One day. I Wish Sega Rally Championship could be a major selling franchise for everyone, including bronies like me. I Want to reboot Sega Rally Equestria Girls style, and this is so that Hasbro has a worthy competitor to Hot Wheels(With Action Figures). And then Sega and i should work on a video game. Video Games and Toys will be the main campaign, rather than a tv series. It will not be like Skylanders in any way, though some cars will have special codes to unlock cars in the game. In the game, you can explore Canterlot Town and it's cafes, used car dealerships, houses, and the junkyard, Discord's Auto Salvage, in this junkyard. Discord is a nice human who is trying to build a car out of multiple parts, and you can collect parts for him, …

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