In the Equestria Girls universe. Martini Pie is one of the best drivers in the championship, and his idol is James Hunt, of Mclaren F1 Fame, as like Hunt, they are both party lovers. Martini was selected for the Lancia Martini team because of his name. And has went on to win 3 championships. His sister is Pinkie Pie. Who is still a student at Canterlot Castle High School. He likes causing mayhem on the circuit, and as such has made drivers angry, especially Apple Blaze. Another rival of his is Red Dash. Rainbow Dash's older brother, who is even 

Martini Pie

Martini in his Lancia Delta.

more flamboyant then Martini, to the point of even talking about his accomplishments instead of actually using his skill. Which has made Martini very angry, therefore, Martini actually secretly competed as a contestant called Mardorwell to punch him into his senses. Martini's Co-Driver is Sun Sparkle, Brother of Twilight Sparkle. Whom apparently his sister says has a twin with a dog who apparently came through a magic portal, his sister even said that she(Twilight) acted like a horse for a while. But Martini thinks it is a load of rubbish, even if he did watch Sunset Shimmers video, which he presumes is fake. He speaks in an Italian-British Accent. He also works for a car dealership in Canterlot Town and makes Millions of it.

Once, he was nervous for his Rallying Test.

In 1996, Martini Pie got married to Applejack.

Likes: Martini, Appletini, Used Car Dealerships, Driving, Racing, Cider, Getting Drunk, Having Parties and Junkyards.

Dislikes: Cheats(As does Applejack), People who are sad, boring and unfunny, People who boast.

Special Talent: Driving and getting drunk(Never drinks and drives!!!).

Talent Patch: Martini Sportline, for getting drunk and being a good driver, although his sportsmanship is not always good.

Friends: Castrol Sparkle, Red Dash, Apple Blaze, Applejack, Elusive, Shy Guy.

Relatives: Applejack(Wife). Pinkie Pie(Sister). Apple Blaze(Cousin in law).

Personality: Insane, playful, happy, giggly, bubbly, enthusiastic and sometimes over dramatic.

Hobby: Drinking and having parties.

Occupation: Racing driver and used car dealer.