Applejack is Apple Blaze's Cousin and Martini Pie's Wife. She is honest, and would never lie to anyone. Hence why Martini married her in the first place. Her parents live very far away as car dealers in Canterton in the UK.

Likes: Cider, Appletini, Keeping to tradition, Her family, Her little sister, Driving, Racing, Car Dealers, Country Music and Her Brother.

Dislikes: Cheats, Liars, People who don't keep to tradition and Dishonest Car Dealers.

Occupation: Cider Brewer, Occasional Farmer.

Hobby: Listening to Country Music and having Barn Parties.

Relatives: Martini Pie(Husband), Big Macintosh(Brother), Granny Smith(Grandmother), Pinkie Pie(Sister in law), Apple Blaze(Cousin), Apple Bloom(Sister).

Best Friend: Rainbow Dash.


Applejack, Martini Pie's wife.