The most competitive season of the Sega Pony Championship was in 1995(In the EG Universe there is a different method of counting time, Though gregorian, ala 2013 is 1994 2014 is 1995 of Youtube was invented in 1986 and the internet was in its prime before then), where Apple Blaze and Red Dash were having a really massive competitive season, Red Dash and Apple Blaze smashed into each other, Used illegal turbo chargers(Which Toyota were also found guilty of using) and it involved a big fight. In the mountain race however, They both got injured and went to hospital. Sitting next to each other. Martini Pie was also injured, and Apple Blaze wanted to berate Red Dash for what he did, after this season, Celestia(Who retired as a school principal and became head of the FIA) Said that she would ban the new Group A Class like Group B was when Hoiti Toivonen's brother Henri died. Toyota were stripped of their title and were banned for the 1996 season, So was Apple Blaze. But Apple Blaze was still allowed in the season because of his and Red Dash's newfound friendship.