In the Equestria Girls universe. Apple Blaze is a driver in the Sega Rally Championship. He had Driving Courses at Canterlot Racing School, and graduated at both Canterlot Castle High School and the Racing School at 17. He is a cousin of Applejack, hence his southern drawl. And can get very angry if he crashes out of a race. Especially if it is caused by his rival, Martini Pie. He is the most hardworking driver in the championship. And has won some races.

Likes: Playing Fair, Honest Work, Cider, Barn Parties, Appletini, Driving, Racing, Keeping to Tradition, Used car dealerships(Especially local) and Junkyards.

Dislikes: Liars, Cheats, People who dishonestly work, Not keeping to tradition and People who smash him out of the race.

Relatives: Martini Pie(Cousin in Law),Applejack(Cousin), and Pinkie Pie(Cousin in law).

Talent Patch: Checkered flag with an apple on it.

Hobby: Farming.

Occupation: Racing Driver and Farmer.